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Hydro Plast

Hydro Plast

Modified Cementitious Fibred Polymer Mortar and Waterproofer for concrete Repairs and Structural Renovations


HYDROPLAST a fibre and polymer modified cementitious mortar suitable for heavy duty plaster aerated concrete and cementitious structures repairs.

HYDROPLAST ensures that repairs to new and old structures are waterproof and further protects the concrete from deterioration by preventing penetration of chloride irons, sulphate, etc. Being cement based, the HYDROPLAST repair system protects embedded steel by creating a passive

(alkaline) environment as well as ensuring thermal compatibility with the base concrete

Typical Applications

  • Repair of concrete pipes / precast concrete
  • Repair of damaged structural concrete
  • Used as a water-tight plaster / caulking mortar
  • Beams / columns
  • Food processing and bottling plants
  • Offshore structures and sewage works
  • Marine environments exposed to constant contact with sea water
  • Repairs and renovations to squash court walls
  • Repairs to honeycombing
  • Repairs to aerated concretes and mortars
  • Wherever a Highly durable repair topping or render is required to ensure maximum resistance to salt penetrations, sulphate, etc. 


  • Factory controlled – no site blending required
  • Can be plastered to a feather edge or applied for mass mortar renovations
  • Thermal movement is similar to that of base concrete
  • Extremely versatile – can be used for repairs in both vertical and horizontal applications
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and mechanical impact
  • Initial surface absorption 90% less than that of normal concrete
  • Excellent bond to base concrete or asphalt
  • Vapour permeable
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