Hydro Self Leveling Floor Screed


Hydro Self Levelling Floor Screed consists of a specially graded inert quarts aggregate incorporating light fast coloring pigments  combined with blended cements, water absorbing agents, super plastic ises  and redispersable powders. The hard wearing quartz aggregate has high abrasion resistant characteristics, is non-oxidizing and chemically inert. 

Typical Application

Hydro Self Levelling Floor Screed provides a hard wearing non dusting coloured floor services for the following locations and facilities:

  • House floor applications
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Abattoirs
  • Bakeries
  • Car Parks
  • Factory Floors 


  • Produces an extremely hard wearing surface with added resistance to abrasion, dusting and penetrating of aggressive liquids
  • Added colours produce a permanently coloured overlay.
  • Improves impact resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Once properly applied it will provide a smooth flat surface onto which vinyl or linolium, large format tiles, parquet carpets and laminated floors can be laid.
  • It also provides a substrate of uniform absorbency on a variety of sub surfaces.
  • A surface with defined absorbency is particularly important for laying textile and elastic floorings using water based dispersion adhesives.
  • These very low – emission adhesives will usually only set properly on an absorbent substrate.
  • Self levelling floor screeds have extremely complex compositions and must meet a wide range of demands. 
  • The trend towards rapid construction means that the product must set and develop their strengths very rapidly, and at the same time, applicators require long pot lives of the product.
  • Hydro Self Levelling Floor Screed meets these complex requirements. 

Typical Properties

COLOUR:  Natural concrete colour as well as other alkali-fast inorganic colours

ABBRASION VALUE:  Two times greater than plain concrete surfaces

STORAGE LIFE: Up to one year when stored in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


BASE CONCRETEThe base concrete should have a minimum strength of 15 MPA in the  case of house floors and 25-30MPA for  industrial floors.CONCRETE PREPARATIONNew floors New floors must be cleaned; all dust and laitance must be removed. Wash floor thoroughly with water and remove  pooled free water.The concrete floor needs to remain damp prior to application of Hydro
 Self Levelling Floor Screed.Old FloorsThere are two recommended ways of laying Hydro Self Levelling 
Floor Screed onto old concrete surfaces.1)Acid etchingRemove all oil, grease laitance and dust by washing the floor surface 
with a normal detergentEnsure that all of the emulsified oil and grease is washed off with
copious volumes of water.The above procedure is followed by acid etching by the prepared surface.Leave the acid reagent on the floor for 15-20 minutes before the final 
washing with water.2)ScrabblingThe area to be prepared must be scrabbled and then cleaned to remove
 all oil, grease, laitance and dust.The clean surface is then pre-saturated for a period of 18-20 hours prior
 to the product being applied.

For both methods of application




MIXINGIt should at all times be carried out mechanically.This type of mixing will ensure smooth lump free pourable slurry of the product. Add 3.5 litres of water per 20kg bag to produce a flow able self levelling material.Let mixed product stand for five minutes to fatten up before use.INSTALLATIONConstruct side forms having a minimum depth of 5mm along the 
construction joints of the concrete slabs or blocks Level the side forms. Mix the product as prescribed under mixing. 
Ensure the subsequent batches are ready to place as soon as the first batch of material is applied. In Practice, the mixed product is poured 
out onto the concrete surface, and using a spiked roller pushes the liquid
product in place. The roller will help to remove any air bubbles,   and will keep the product alive along the working front of the placed
materials.  Repeat process with subsequent batches.  As the area is being filled with the product it will be necessary to use a straight edge 
to level off the product to the required height. A smooth flat surface 
should be obtained. Protect all surfaces from traffic until the surface has completely hardened or gained full strength. A newly laid surface must be 
 be cured with Hydro Cure 200 curing compound.JOINTSSaw cut joints may be required and will depend upon the size of the area. 
The width of the saw cut joint must be approximately 5mm and the depthwill depend upon the thickness of  the overlay. After cutting the joints  should be cleaned with water and compressed air and left open to dry. The joints must be sealed with Hydro Seal Joint Sealant.YIELDOne 20kg bag when mixed with 3.5 litres of water will yield approximately 
14 litres of liquid mortar.PACKAGINGSupplied in 20kg bags or buckets.

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