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Hydro Stop

Hydro Stop

HYDROSTOP a pre-mixed cementations’ grey powder combined with accelerating chemicals to produce an instant setting repair compound to stop flowing water within 1-2 minutes in concrete water retaining structures.

Typical Applications

  • Stop soaking water caused by water pressure
  • Stop flowing water through holes and cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Seals around pipes, conduits and ducts
  • Areas of application are:  reservoirs, dams, tunnels cellars, underground garages, etc. 
  • Koi / Fish Ponds and Swimming Pools Advantages
  • Easy to use – addition of water only or applied to surface in powder form
  • Sets quickly within 1-2 minutes
  • Expands on setting Non-Staining Durable
  • Frost and de-icing salt resistant

Directions for Use

  • HYDROSTOP is a very fast setting material and all preparatory work must be completed before mixing is commenced.
  • The surface must be firm, clean absorbent and free of dust or plaster.
  • Do not mix more product than can be placed with in two minutes
  • Wet surface to be treated before application.
  • Add clean water to a small amount of HYRDOSTOP and mix to the consistency of putty.
  • Tool material into the prepared opening and hold firmly in place until product has hardened.
  • Stop flowing water by forcing dry powder into cracks and hold firmly in place until product has hardened.
  • Repeat if Necessary

 Watch points

  • Avoid contact with skin
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Supplied in 1KG and 25KG buckets.
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